Monday, November 29, 2010

Postkarte für Freunde

these were actually my postcard illustration.
Pakdhe Agus Susanto, one of my best friend in Solo asked me to make postcard to help "friends" in Yogyakarta (Merapi were had a little bit cough last time, remember?)
but (yeah i know) it's kinda too late, then i didn't send these postcard (so sorry).
but it's better late then nothing i think.
so that i post it to my blog.

Monday, November 1, 2010


it's been 3 months i've been here back in Jakarta-Indonesia. and it's been also 3 months i never put any entry in my blog

i thank God for my wonderful journey for one year in Europe (what-a-delightful-experience)
i'll always remember that. hope i can go back there again someday with someone i love

nowdays i have no job, but i'm happy!
i have a boyfriend now!
and most of my drawing output is about us
so much fun, so much love, so many inspiration.