Tuesday, December 20, 2011

thanks for ruined my cake!

negative words are negative.
and   w o r d s   can   k i l l   .

re-use old artwork

i made this artwork long time ago,
then i feel like i want to make it more details,
so i added some illustration in the background.

Monday, December 19, 2011


just few of my artwork that i forgot to post

i miss my winter wonderland in Deutschland

i miss a very strong-healty-nice-wonderful granny named Frau Winckler in Köln.
She made my winter felt warm.
i wish i can see her again next year.

choke me right in my neck - Drossel mir direkt in meinen Hals

Three things that i hate the most:

1. Being blame for what i did not do
2. People keep telling me that i did not serious doing something that i put all my effort for it
3. Being force doing things that my heart says no to

in this case, number two is really sucks!
it's like being choke straight in my neck - suffocated