Monday, October 26, 2009

18th months romance

and if a double-decker bus
c r a s h e s   i n t o   u s
to die by your side
is such a heavenly way to die
and if a ten-ton truck
k i l l s   t h e   b o t h   o f   u s
to die by your side
well, the pleasure, the privilege is mine
there is a light that never goes out
The Smiths

i received Morrissey's ticket concert from DHL this morning (28.10.09)
i've jumped and screamed out loud


  1. selamat
    s e l a m a t
    aku doakan langgenggggg awettttt.. :-)

  2. heheee
    tau aja itu buat si abang rfun
    terimakasih doanyaaa