Monday, January 4, 2010


1st 2nd 3rd January
I was in Paris with my friends, Mia & Ocha
We're totally backpackers!
(slept in a cheap room, went by cheap bus, went around Paris with Metro & by foot, ate McD because that's the cheapest food you can find and so on)
It was not like in the movie. Paris is not as beautiful as i thought.
But it's kind of wonderful experience for me.
At least i have a story for my grand-grand-grand children that i have been in Paris in my life.

finally found this sign near Eiffel Tower

Eiffel's shape

My favorite place in Versailles is Queen's Chamber.
Because Marie Antoinette escaped from the rioting crowd on 6th October 1789 out the secret door (left side of the bed)

a little part of my trip

b u t    s t i l l    i ❤ I n d o n e s i a

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