Monday, May 2, 2011

officially quarter of century

2nd of May 2011
i'm officially 25 years old!!!

i didn't put any information about it on my facebook
so that i can know people who really care of me
instead of depending on facebook reminder

Herby, my boyfriend, is the first person who actually gave me birthday wishes 12 o'clock sharp
then my father-mother

kiki-oshin-chia-dybon-tana-bonzu-puput-dhea-debby-ruby-uma-my boyfriend's family-pakdheko-mas iko-mas ega-nurina-vira-mbakyah-masdi-my mother's friends-thifa-harsa-indri
 (for all of your kindness i reeeeeeaaalllyyy thankful and feel so blessed) 

they remember it!  it feels reeeeaaalyy specials for me
thank youuuuuu sooooo muuuuuch!!!!!!


  1. banooonnn :D hehe ini kamii,,
    banon dapat award yaah dari kita :p

    buka disini: