Wednesday, September 28, 2011

please survive, Orangutan!

i have just read on my friend's face book wall
that ten Orangutans have been slaughtered by a palm oil company in Indonesia
and i know, with a little "share" of their dirty money
this case will close immediately
like it never happened, like it never existed

and what can Orangutans do to get any justice?
they can not hire a lawyer
they can not even talk

poor little Orangutans
they just want to come back to their own home
they just want to have a simple live back there with their family
no harm, no politics
they just want a peaceful life

will my grand-grand-grand-children have an opportunity to ever see Orangutans again?

please God, if not in this life,
please punish those crazy-money-minded-jerk in Your hell.

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